First Visit


From the moment you walk into studio you will notice that we have set a different standard and vibe of your typical doctors visit.  This is done intentionally as we want your family to approach going to the “doctor” in a whole new way. We also hope to create a space for a different conversation regarding health, sickness, symptoms, and abundant living.


We ask that you plan to spend around one hour in the studio for your first appointment.  It is important that we take the time necessary to understand who you are and listen to your concerns, challenges, and goals.  We will also explore the activities and stresses that may be influencing what you are experiencing today, good and bad. 


This will also be the opportunity for you to discover what chiropractic is truly about, as well as start the foundation for future health creating action steps.


When you are comfortable, we will assess your neuro-spinal system for balance and function and in most cases you will receive a gentle and specific chiropractic adjustment.  You will be advised of a plan for follow up, as well as anything you can do to help your body process your adjustment.

On your second visit, we will combine both Dr. B's and your feedback, as well a potiential action plan.  How you decide to use chiropractic care in your life is always up to you.  Adding stress to ones life by way of fear, guilt, and sales pressure never leads to healing and growing.   

It is our goal to make chiropractic care affordable and easily accessible.  We have several ways that you can join our practice and enjoy the benefits of regular, life enhancing, chiropractic care.  

Ongoing Visits


Now that the first visit is behind us, expect to spend about 15-20 minutes in the office for ongoing assessments and adjustments.  We strive to start on time and respect your busy schedule.